Becoming A New Member
Becoming a member enables you to meet your community’s leaders and to make an impact both here and around the world.  
We invite you to visit our club and find out more about us and the opportunities we offer to become involved locally.
1. Join us as a guest at any of our meetings or events.  We meet weekly on Mondays at Noon.  Our meeting location varies.  If you would like to visit our club, please contact for updated information.

2. Let any member know you are interested in joining.

Process After A Prospective Member Demonstrates an interest in Membership:


3.  Complete the Membership Proposal Form, and return the form to the club secretary or president for submission to the club's board of directors.


4.  If club’s board of directors approves the candidate, they will publish the proposed member's name and classification to the club (and other info as necessary).  If no objections are received, the proposed member becomes a Rotarian and pays the membership fee.


5.  Many clubs, including the Rockville Rotary club, have a new member induction ceremony, including the sponsor.


6.  The club secretary or president immediately reports the new member to Rotary International via Member Access at