On May 15, Rockville Rotary's Sharon Redfern sat down with Joyce Vaudreuil of the Community Voice Channel to discuss our upcoming Rose Sale on June 6, as well as other Rotary programs and events that benefit our local and international communities.      A big THANK YOU to our friends at CVC for producing the interview!
You can watch the program on YouTube by clicking the link below: 
Below are the scheduled dates and times the program will air on Comcast Public Access Channel 1070, live on the Community Voice Channel Website, on Fire TV, and on ROKU TV.

June 1st: 3:30pm
June 13th: 1:30pm
June 16th: 5:00pm
June 18th: 2:30pm
June 23rd: 10:00pm
June 26th: 9:30pm
June 28th: 5:30pm
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